This Fat Girl says…Do quit your day job!

So if any of you have read my blog a lot you may remember that my first post ever was about my lack of place in my job, I was working in a call centre with irregular shift patterns and a crap management team and it was making me sad. I would literally come home from work and cry to my Best friends and Boyfriend, i was mardy all the time, i felt unappreciated and completely unfulfilled and nobody really understood. Because, ‘I was young’ and ‘the job markets shit’ and ‘sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do’.

Well fast forward 9 months and I have just finished a six month internship in a department that I loved working in and i am about to go and do a PGCE and become a teacher. If you had asked me if I thought this would  had been me this early on I would have laughed, Maybe me in about 4 years but not just nine months later. So this blog post is just a little pep talk to all those in a job that feels like a rat race or a battery farm, its for anyone that feels unappreciated and  goes home crying every night!


Basically I wanna say GET THE FUCK OUT! And I know to some of you this will feel like a bit of stupid advice, your probably thinking well derrr i have been trying but have you really been trying hard enough? Sometimes when your in a shit job the last thing you want to do is come home and look for a new position. Or maybe your earning more at your current role than you would starting out in a different sector or maybe society is telling you that it’s not realistic to leave your job just yet  or ‘no one really gets job satisfaction till there like 40’ the money’s good just stay where you are.’



Well I call bullshit because that is the exact position I was in and I quit my Job took a pay cut and found something that I love and it has genuinely changed my life.  


I thought I would share with you just a few things that made my job the best ever:


  1. I got to change things – This was so important for me, my whole dream in life is to  change the world even if it’s just a little bit and I feel like I fulfil that in my job. Even if it is literally getting students to volunteer with refugees, it has such a big impact on people and does really change things. I have also been appreciated with in my team and my opinions and Ideas have been valued and used and that is a damn good feeling.  
  2. The management – legit everyone needs a manger like LD she literally made me realise how bad other managers I have worked under were. She let me go wild with ideas for stalls, she let me take on my own projects and manage my own time and always made me feel appreciated (If you’re reading this thank you so much).  It changes so much if the management is good, you feel valued and so appreciated. 
  3. The people I worked with  (who are now some of my bestest friends) – I walked into the office very nervous but filled with excitement and passion and I walked out of their with the same if not more excitement and passion and some best friends. The friends you meet at work are so important  they make the boring days go quicker and the make the best days even better! Every morning I would go into my office and within five minutes would be crying with laughter.


So I say  go for it follow your passion (See there is always alot more to gain ( see above) than to lose) , do the thing you love even if it doesn’t pay well because it will be so worth it, it will change your life and it will encourage you to do your best, it will give you the energy to do other things that you love, it will make your relationships with everyone else better, it will make you happier and it genuinely will change your life.  

Everyone needs a job that they fall in love with at least once in there life and I am hoping that  I have a few more in my career but this six months has been exactly what I needed to get me out of my pity whole and open my eyes to how Fun it is to have a job you love and wanna jump out of bed for (after a cuddle) in the morning. It has legit changed my life! So if you want more from your job then go get more from your job.  





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